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Coaching Services

Leadership Development

The old axiom "you manage things and lead people" still holds true. Given today's business environment you could say it's more important than ever. Why is leadership so hard to define for many people? Perhaps because management is a science and leadership is an art.

Developing leaders is vital to any organization. How deep is your bench? We help clients identify future leaders and train and coach them to achieve results through others. We also support them on their leadership journey through self-awareness, empathy and active listening.

Executive Coaching - Achieve better results, grow your company faster and maximize your impact as a leader. One-to-one sessions help you clarify the issues that hold you back and identify the opportunities that will propel you forward.

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Team Problem Solving

The top performing organizations have long embraced a Total Quality Management philosophy and adopted Continuous Quality Improvement processes and tools to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability in manufacturing and service environments.

Our easy-to-understand and use tools help even small organizations and teams to identify problems and opportunities and develop actionable plans to fix problems and seize on opportunities.


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Building High Performance Teams

Even with a great leader and a well-designed game plan, you can't win consistently without a team that performs at a high level. We help clients build high performing teams who achieve greater alignment, expanded capacity, enhanced performance, effective communication, stronger relationships, and maximized synergy.

Using a combination of Team LearnShops and coaching we can help your team achieve a breakthrough. It begins with building trust - which is the primary issue on dysfunctional teams.

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Organizational Health

Culture by Design - Winning cultures are built by design not by default. An organization's culture is defined by its values and rules, both written and unwritten. It can be summarized as a formula:

Core Values + Core Purpose + Vision = Culture

Creating a great culture takes lots of patience and persistence. You must build it around your core purpose and know that your purpose or "Big Why" is the secret weapon in your business. More than making money people want to make a difference and do something that has meaning.

Culture Assessment - Accurately defining an organization’s culture and the compatibility of key leaders to that culture is essential for both organizational performance and the stability and effectiveness of the leadership team. We offer a range of culture assessment services to business owners and CEOs to provide the insight they need on issues of culture and cultural compatibility.

The Benefits of Understanding Culture - Our culture assessment specialists give boards and CEOs an unvarnished view of their organization's culture, allowing the organization’s leaders to compare the culture they have with the culture their branding, messaging, and strategic plan say they have. This process sheds light on issues that might impede performance and the successful achievement of business objectives, and its findings can be incorporated into hiring strategies to better align an organization’s culture with its human capital.

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Hiring the Right People

The cost of a bad hire and employee turnover is very high. Both in actual dollars spent and in lost opportunity costs. Frankly it's a bad outcome for the employee as well as the organization. With the stakes so high the ROI in effective screening, selection, and on-boarding is excellent.

In addition to verifiable aspects of a candidate's CV - such as education, experience with other companies and certifications - understanding their motivating behaviors is critical to ensuring the right fit. We use the Predictive Index behavioral assessment instrument to ensure candidates fit your Position Requirements Objective. This tool also allows us to help you build cross-functional teams that perform at a high level by selecting team members that will work well together.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. Even small businesses and non-profits can benefit from a strategic planning workshop to develop vision and mission statements, set goals, and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

If you don't have a road map and a plan, how do you know where you're going and how you are going to get there?


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