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Case Studies & Past Clients

Leadership Training

I have long been passionate about leadership and learned a lot from both great leaders and poor leaders. Some believe the best leaders are born, not developed. I disagree. Although it may come easier to some, anyone can learn to lead effectively.


One of my proudest moments as a leadership trainer was being invited to conduct an 8-hour Leadership LearnShop over two days for US Army non-commissioned officers at Fort Gordon in Georgia.


It was an honor and I greatly admired the sacrifice the attending Sergeants made to serve our country and step into leadership positions. I was thrilled to have the Executive Officer and two Colonels in charge of that unit participate on both days. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. What a great experience. 

Strategic Planning

The Academy for Future Teachers (AFT) is held each summer at Georgia State University. Bright, talented and diverse high school students are invited to explore a career teaching math or science. 

I was hired to lead a day-long strategic planning session with interactive exercises for teams comprised of professors and staff from each of the Colleges of Education in the Georgia University System.


Each team created their own vision and mission statements, then created SMART goals including project tracking, and accountability. Each team also learned how to use the 6-3-5 Brainstorming Method, a great tool for identifying and prioritizing problems and opportunities.

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Team Building

Metal Shark Boats is a leading shipbuilder specializing in the design and production of boats and ships for military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and a wide spectrum of commercial applications.

Their CEO hired me to work with his senior leadership team both as a group and in one-on-one coaching sessions. The objective was to develop stronger leadership skills and learn how to build high performance teams. An area of focus was identifying and exploring the five attributes of high performing teams and overcoming team dysfunction. Highly effective teams have a foundation of trust in one another, engage in healthy conflict, are committed to team success (us vs. me), they are accountable, and they are focused on results.

Career Transition

David Darab was an oral surgeon and partner in a successful practice for 30 years. While he enjoyed being an oral surgeon and did well financially, midway through his career in oral surgery, he decided to take his career in a different direction. His “encore career” would be serving as a business advisor wherein he could rely on his valuable experience as a business owner and strategic approach to help other businesses achieve rapid growth and prepare for the future. He received an MBA and continued to pursue additional training and education including obtaining a Series 65 Financial Advisor License and becoming a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Senior Business Strategy Professional, and Certified Professional Business Advisor.


After an in-depth discovery meeting to determine his goals, starting with the end in mind, we outlined a business plan and through additional one-on-one meetings built the strategy and identified the tactics needed to launch his business Darab Business Advisors This included creating a website and connecting David with other professionals in the field to expand his knowledge and reach as we built his personal brand.


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“Where does a business coach go for coaching? I chose Frank Manfre Coaching. Frank is an exceptional coach who helped me transition from a 30-year career as a surgeon into my new role as a business coach and advisor. He spent time understanding my history, education, training, and certifications, directing me to focus on my ideal client. He introduced me to his trusted partners, who assisted with creating my website, copy, and content. We outlined a business plan through one-on-one meetings and developed my initial coaching packages. If you are a business leader who knows you have more to offer but need help moving forward, Frank is your answer.”

- David Darab, DDS, MBA, CEPA, SPBS, CPBACEO Darab Business Advisors









"Frank led a series of interactive workshops with me and my leadership team focused on leadership skills development and
working as a high functioning team. We found these to be informative and thought provoking, I highly recommend attending his workshops." 


- Chris Waldrop, President Burdette Dental Lab 

“Frank was an excellent source of information and guidance in team building, staff management, and evaluation.  He consulted with me personally, as well as meeting our entire staff on issues of customer interaction.  I expected resistance from the staff, but was pleased to learn that they appreciated and respected his inputs.  More importantly, they put his ideas to work immediately.”


- Judy Price, Founder & Executive Director, Atlanta Pet Rescue 

"Frank was able to take my vision and articulate it so we could create concrete objectives tailored to my team. He then put that vision into action. He offers examples of where he has been challenged and failed, and what he did to grow from that. Frank is energetic and able to read a crowd well through body language. He wants to improve and asks for feedback on that knowing that each group is in need of different facilitation. He is extremely personable and down to earth and gives real life examples from his own career and personal life. My team was able to open up to him because of those traits."


-Jessica G., County Senior Services Director 

"Frank has been a great asset to me. He has helped me and our management team be more effective and accomplish many of our goals. I would highly recommend Frank in any of the following areas of executive coaching:

  • Team Building

  • Strategic Planning

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Improving Presentation Skills"

- Jeff H., Vice President 

“Frank's leadership presentation was so impactful that we invited him to later present to an audience of 25 leaders at our company. We look forward to having him back in the future for additional training on team building.“


- Donald P. Albensi, Jr., COO 

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