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Find Your Path

Landing Your Ideal Job or Starting a Business
Like a road trip, a map and a plan are vital to getting where you want to go

I can help you develop a Career Strategic Plan to:

  • Determine your true interests and what really drives you

  • Create an inventory of your skills, experience, and accomplishments

  • Identify specific fields, jobs, and organizations that will provide what you want

  • Develop a search plan with specific steps and timelines

  • Write resumes and cover letters tailored to each job you apply for

  • Help prepare you for interviews which includes role playing

  • Assist you in evaluating offers and negotiating them for a win/win outcome

Or develop a basic business plan to launch your own business and enjoy the freedom to do the type of work you most want to do as your own boss.

Developing and implementing an action plan or road map is vital to successfully landing your dream job or launching a business. 


I have helped people from all walks of life - from sales reps to IT specialists, engineers, and business executives - land a job, win a promotion or a raise, change careers, or launch the business they’ve always dreamed about. I find it hugely rewarding when I successfully help someone find their path and they start enjoying the "psychic salary" they have long sought. I have done it, and while it may not be quick or easy, I truly believe that everyone is capable of it.


Psychic Salary™ is all the qualitative aspects of the work we do: 


  • Feeling like what you do matters

  • Being part of something bigger than yourself

  • The opportunity to serve others

  • Feeling appreciated by those you serve and work with

  • Working with people you truly like and trust

  • Being respected by your colleagues 

  • Feeling valued and respected by the company and its leaders

  • Working in a place where having fun is encouraged


This list can go on, but you get the point. There is so much more to a job than money, perks, title, authority, or status. While money shouldn’t be the primary driver in seeking a new position or career, it is certainly possible to do what you love and earn a good income. The reason is simple: we tend to like doing things we are really good at, and doing the things we are good at allows us to be successful.

Is this All There Is?

I have heard versions of this lament many times over the years: "I've busted my ass for years working to get ahead and make big bucks. At 35 I was the youngest VP in company history with a great salary, bonus, stock options, a company car, and a fat expense account. Yet I found myself asking, 'Why I am always tired, irritable, losing sleep, and not present for my wife and children?' Bottom Line: I was miserable and felt rudderless. I had no real sense of purpose and wondered what I could do that would provide a sense of accomplishment and feel that my work mattered. It was time for a change."


What My Clients Are Saying

“I was at a point in my career where I wanted to advance. Frank was open about his experiences and I felt confident in how it translated to the employment challenges I was facing. Over two months he completely reconstructed my resume and coached me through mock interviews to make sure I was sticking with the game plan. At the end of the day, Frank coached me up and gave me the confidence I needed to nail the interview. I got a new position, a raise, and the career advancement I was looking for. I highly recommend Frank.”  - Matt P. Project Manager/Scrum Master

"I got the job offer I was hoping for and very happy to land with an amazing organization. Thanks to Frank for all the support and encouragement through the process. I truly appreciate and am grateful for his help guiding me throughout this transition!" - Dan J. Sales Manager

"Frank was a tremendous resource for me during a transition to a new position; from helping me to prepare for interviews to negotiating a comp package and weighing the pros and cons of making the change. Frank is highly skilled in all aspects of job search. I am thankful to have been able to work with him during this time." - Terri R. Dental Sales Rep

"Frank was an amazing asset to have in my corner during a round of competitive interviews for a management position. His deep understanding of leadership was invaluable to me during my preparation for the process. He was spot on with his advice and recommendations because of his keen perception and experience. I highly recommend Frank!" - Andrew H. Medical Sales Rep

"Frank is the epitome of what is authentic and real. He tells it like it is and his perspective as a former business executive was very valuable. He helped me understand what I was truly looking for in the next chapter of my career! Frank is a leader and will forever be a mentor for me both personally and professionally.” - Ben C. Medical Sales Rep


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