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Career Coaching Clients

Jeff C., Sales Representative

“As a career coach Frank was very helpful in stimulating introspection and clarifying of personal values, likes, and dislikes. He led me to think outside the box about myself, as well as what and why I like to do what I do. He asked penetrating and thoughtful questions that helped draw out from me different skills and experiences I have had throughout my career that highlight my strengths and success’s and that were in alignment with what I like to do and what I had to offer to potential job opportunities I was looking at.

He had great suggestions on how to organize my resume and highlight career success’s that specifically fit job opportunities and as such gave me a clear set of messages to highlight in the interview that conveyed my skill sets and how they fit the job opportunity I was interviewing for. In short, Frank is creative, thoughtful, a motivator and confidence builder.” 


Mark K., IT Professional 

“Frank provided me with a comprehensive career assessment and coaching when I was downsized. He used an outstanding process that he developed that helped me to focus my job search and associated activities. I liked Frank's holistic approach to career counseling that focused on all aspects of what I wanted from a career and how it related to the rest of my life. His evaluation was thorough and professional and showcased his various talents in coaching and mentoring. With Frank's coaching and support I was able to find a new job within 6 weeks. I would very strongly recommend Frank to anyone needing career, leadership, or sales coaching.”

Meryl C., Arts Coordinator for Government Agency

"Frank’s approach is non-judgmental, supportive, intuitive and honest. He knows how to ask the right questions and he helped me evaluate opportunities for personal and professional growth. With his guidance I was able to successfully prepare for interviews and land the jobs I wanted. He also pushed me to stretch outside of my comfort zone which allowed me to be more successful in my career. I don’t think I could have gotten where I am professionally or personally without him as my coach."


Shane T., Sales Director

"Many successful salespeople have a natural gift to address the needs of others and offer a great sense of value as a business partner, resource and consultant.  I have always felt like I did these things, but Frank helped me to realize my potential by honing these skills and he taught me to be a giver first and reap the rewards later.  His expertise helped me take my career path to new levels! Frank has a unique ability to listen and offer proper insight at the right times. He asks the right questions, sincerely listens and coaches by offering advice you need to hear, not what you want to hear. His experience and drive have helped him lead a very successful career, but his coaching ability really sets him apart form the rest." 

Ethan B., Executive Recruiter

"Two things set Frank apart as a career coach.  The first is his genuine passion for mentoring and the sense of joy he feels through helping others succeed.  He is a great listener and used proven methods to help identify my strengths and areas for improvement.  Secondly, Frank can draw on his 30 years of leadership and sales experience to provide anecdotal references and statistical data to develop one's ability to think critically regarding business processes and career choices. Foremost, Frank is a highly ethical and transparent professional; he has no hidden agendas.  As an executive recruiter I have interviewed hundreds of sales leaders and Frank has the highest moral standard of anyone I have worked with. This sets a strong example for anyone looking to grow their career in any profession/industry.”

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