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About Me

After spending 30 years in executive and managerial roles in for-profit and non-profit organizations I decided to transition to helping others find a better job, develop a career path, or start a business.


Over the years, many people have told me "I don't know what I want in a job, but I know this isn't it!" and I also often hear "I feel stuck"; so in a sense I help people get unstuck.

I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and interviewed hundreds of people for various positions. I know how job candidates are eliminated from contention and how others get to the interview process. Many struggle with selling themselves and securing an offer. I have worked as a career coach with people from varied fields and backgrounds. My clients include executives, sales professionals, accounting and finance managers, entrepreneurs starting a company, engineers, government workers, and non-profit executive directors to name just a few. In every instance they were either seeking to advance their career or start a new one. Having an experienced coach can help you navigate the journey and achieve true satisfaction from your work.

My Big Why: My personal mission to help people achieve their goals through coaching and mentoring. I take great satisfaction in helping someone find their path and get clarity about what they really want from their work life, then creating a plan together so they can finally achieve the "psychic salary" they have long sought.  

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a specific way of working with people – over the phone or via Zoom video, or in person – to help clients discover what would most fulfill them and creating the path and plan to get there.  They may be in job transition, or they may simply be unhappy in their current position. I help clients by asking coaching questions, providing feedback, helping them stretch beyond what they thought was possible, and keeping them accountable on the path to their ultimate goal – including overcoming any barriers that may arise. In many cases I work one-on-one with clients. Other times I combine my coaching with other related activities such as Learn Shops and group coaching that help my clients. I have been described as a "Career Sherpa".


A growing niche is to coach people in the Baby Boomer generation who plan to work during "retirement" – after their full-time career when they get to do something they enjoy, perhaps part-time, or on a contract basis. I might even help someone decide whether to leave a corporate position to become an entrepreneur – or return to the corporate world after a sabbatical, family leave, or break in their career.

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