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LearnShops & Lectures

All of my LearnShop topics can be adjusted for duration and format, either live on-site or via Zoom conference format. Please call me for fee structure and availability: 678.644.8683

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Leadership LearnShop - 4 Hours

  • Traits of highly effective leaders

  • Management vs. Leadership

  • Developing your people

  • Straight talk - CCD

  • Inspire vs. Motivate

  • Empowerment, recognition & support

  • Effective coaching

Team Problem Solving - 4 Hours

  • Overview of Total Quality Management & CQI philosophy & principles 

  • The Team Brainstorming Method

  • Introduction to the Seven Step Problem Solving Method

  • Cause & Effect Analysis 

  • Prioritizing Ideas - Action Plans

  • Project Planning Tools

Consultative Selling - 4 Hours

  • Review of sales methods

  • The sales process

  • The psychology of sales

  • Selling strategies

  • Win/win negotiation

  • Role playing

Building a High Performance Team 4 Hours

  • Identifying team dysfunction

  • Hiring the right people

  • On-boarding to retain your best people

  • Team charters

  • Setting and achieving goals

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Effective Conflict Management         4 Hours

  • Mining for conflict

  • Establishing team norms

  • Effective interpersonal communication

  • Identifying signs of a toxic culture

Overcoming Team Dysfunction

  • The role of a leader 

  • How to build trust

  • Team charters

  • Setting and achieving goals

Ideally this highly interactive LearnShop is held off-site in a place where team members can focus on the exercises in a relaxed environment. Depending on team size it runs 6-8 hours .

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