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I help business owners and leaders develop and maintain healthy organizations and establish high-performance teams built on a foundation of trust. I guide clients through transformations big and small by developing their leadership skills and through regular coaching calls. 


 My Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership Development & Training

  • Building a Strong & Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Business Executive & Owner Coaching

  • Hiring the Best People for Your Team

  • On-boarding

  • Building High-Performance Teams

  • Overcoming Team Dysfunction

  • Enhancing Employee Experience (EX) plus employee engagement & retention

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience (CX) 

  • Behavioral Assessments

What is Business Coaching?

People often ask me “So you’re a business coach, what exactly do you do?


Well, first I view my role as a mentor but since Business Mentor isn’t a term widely used, I use “coach”. But, you might ask "What does a business  coach do? Aren’t you really a consultant?"


In short, no. A consultant as a subject matter expert has answers, I as a coach have questions. My job isn’t to tell you where you’re wrong, fix you, and solve your problems. Rather, I help you get clarity on what your challenges and opportunities are and facilitate a discussion that helps you select the best course of action. Does it always work perfectly? Heck no. But it is much more effective for business owners to have a trusted advisor, coach, and yes mentor, to vent to and run their ideas by. 


I could be viewed as a stakeholder but really I’m not. I am a catalyst for action. No action, no change. I’m not interested in enabling the status quo. If things are going great you don’t need me, or anyone else coaching you. 

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